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I am headed to Seattle!  Yay!  A winter break, as in break from winter!  I am so excited, I have to go there to get my visa updated for my trip abroad in April!  I will be hanging with my peeps, I am going to be there for a week, it should be a lot of fun, I need a pick me up this time of year. 

That is the mostest on my brain, January flew by without me hardly noticing.  After New Years not much happened, we had two more UW students as guests in the home, I helped some new pals move on Saturday and the adviser move on Sunday (no one has a car here!).  Due to the good Karma bank, scored some fine furniture, barely had room for it all, but now the office has a whole wall of bookcases just waiting to be filled.  A huge chest of drawers and a smaller one to match, it is the same exact color of the other things around the house in wood, plus now I have a place to put all those clean clothes that were piling up on the bedroom floor!! 

My poor brother and dad survived an insane ice storm and haven't had power for a while now.

Otherwise A (the gal who trained me for this job) had her baby and all went well (he is freaking adorable, and has her expressions)!  Went to a wild Russian birthday party for some twin guys my age (one of them is who I helped move last Saturday), and everyone just wanted to know when I was gonna settle life down enough to have a baby. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gasp cough wheeze*



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Feb. 3rd, 2009 02:13 pm (UTC)
Did you already go? Have you left yet? Do you have your cell? Meep!
Feb. 3rd, 2009 03:19 pm (UTC)
Go where? To Seattle, no I leave on the 15th and come back on the 20th. I have my cell at work, the Edmonton one, I also have my work phone during the day. I will have my Seattle (206) cell number while traveling in the States. :-) Call me at work (I'll e-mail you the #) if you need to talk asap!
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