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Freaking cold!

It’s been overcast for a week, I would blame being down on the weather if I had no other reason to be blue.  I have come to discover that you can’t rely on time to change the way you feel, cause time it often loses track of who its got to heal.  My mind is living in the shadow you left behind, everything is disjointed.  Then something delightful brings me back to the here and now like 8.  It is freaky, you’d have had to have been there.  Who would have thought?  I love my crazy sis [info]spacebee so much, she always makes me laugh again.    ;-) 

Today was a long day at work.  I got so much crap done, it is amazing.  I submitted my first grant proposal!!!  I am so happy!  Woot, I am so excited, we will not know if it gets approved until February and it was only for $25,000, but I am still happy. 

I have to get snow tires and extra-cold resistant fluids for the car this coming week, and human gear for ourselves soon also.  My work shoes are NOT cut out for snow and slush.  So it is coats, proper windproof gloves, and boots for Christmas this year!

Oh and my next big project is to post a whole new stash of photos from the last while that I have just been allowing to sit there not being looked at.

Cheers, everyone!


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