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I can't believe I didn't post anything in the whole year of 2010.  That is pretty interesting.  I suppose I should start doing this again for my own reasons, instead of sending myself e-mails all the time with "interesting things that happened in my life" comments.  Since I am probably the only one who actually reads this crap.

Today I got up early and went to the market (no I am not generally a pig), then I went to the hippie store, then I went to the conventional store to buy a jar of cheapo, supper salty, green olives for my spaghetti sauce.  I cooked my spaghetti sauce from scratch.  It is still cooking down as we speak since the fresh tomatoes tend to be a bit watery if you don't cook them for a bit.  I pumped it full of green chile powder and a TON of crushed, fresh garlic.  The bro suggested eggplant in place of meat for a "meaty" texture (also mushrooms of course), and so we will see how that goes.  Never quite the same as italian sausage...

Then I did all the dishes because someone who has been slaving over their thesis has been slacking a bit on their household chores, understandably, but gets upset and defensive if I try to do them.  So I just waited until they were out of the house at a meeting and hahahaha washed EVERYTHING!!!  Tee hee, I'll blame it on the cat later.

I also bought a gift for one of my sweet aunt who always accommodates us in her home and life when we need, and always listens to me sob about things that make me really sad.  It is an amazing 5" x 7" oil painting of a great blue heron on a black/forest green background.  She loves birds and all, and since they migrate down around there in the bosque I thought she might really like it.  Now I just have to figure out how to ship it so it doesn't get broken, it is already professionally framed...

I need to go clean out and wash the kitty's cat box.  I hate people who have cats that make their house smell like ammonia or a musty ole zoo, yuck!

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