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So we have a couple of students from UW staying with us.  It is nice to have company, but it was hilarious that in the cold office, the kitten wanted to snuggle (of course you big, ugly, stupid mobile heaters with properly sized shelves for sleeping on) and forgot we have guests in his nap.   When J came from the living room suddenly the kitten nearly had a coronary complication.

I had my visiting prof today who is thinking of coming to work with us, and the one who has woman issues came and stole him TWICE during my meeting with him and said MY meeting wasn't important.  I hope he realized another time and place I would have straightened him out agressively.  Sorry... yes he irritated me that much today.  

Well the visiting doc seems really nice and we worked a lot out before hand and I will see him a lot over the next couple days.  I am excited!    It will be work, but it is really fun. 

I put a really pretty wreath I made on the door and some big bells.  I plan to put up the x-mas tree soon and then invite LS over (well already have) to help decorate it, she is so nice and I am happy to have some company during it.  The DRCB is heading out to a conference on Friday with the UW students so ... no fun to decorate alone, right?

I wish I was a kid again sometimes. *sigh*  I miss how my family used to be then... well sometimes I wonder if I remember it differently than it was actually, under the surface.  Well...  It is snowing for days... frozen totally now.  So pretty.  Just two more days to snow tires.

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