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Still here. 


I can't believe I didn't post anything in the whole year of 2010.  That is pretty interesting.  I suppose I should start doing this again for my own reasons, instead of sending myself e-mails all the time with "interesting things that happened in my life" comments.  Since I am probably the only one who actually reads this crap.

Today I got up early and went to the market (no I am not generally a pig), then I went to the hippie store, then I went to the conventional store to buy a jar of cheapo, supper salty, green olives for my spaghetti sauce.  I cooked my spaghetti sauce from scratch.  It is still cooking down as we speak since the fresh tomatoes tend to be a bit watery if you don't cook them for a bit.  I pumped it full of green chile powder and a TON of crushed, fresh garlic.  The bro suggested eggplant in place of meat for a "meaty" texture (also mushrooms of course), and so we will see how that goes.  Never quite the same as italian sausage...

Then I did all the dishes because someone who has been slaving over their thesis has been slacking a bit on their household chores, understandably, but gets upset and defensive if I try to do them.  So I just waited until they were out of the house at a meeting and hahahaha washed EVERYTHING!!!  Tee hee, I'll blame it on the cat later.

I also bought a gift for one of my sweet aunt who always accommodates us in her home and life when we need, and always listens to me sob about things that make me really sad.  It is an amazing 5" x 7" oil painting of a great blue heron on a black/forest green background.  She loves birds and all, and since they migrate down around there in the bosque I thought she might really like it.  Now I just have to figure out how to ship it so it doesn't get broken, it is already professionally framed...

I need to go clean out and wash the kitty's cat box.  I hate people who have cats that make their house smell like ammonia or a musty ole zoo, yuck!


I am headed to Seattle!  Yay!  A winter break, as in break from winter!  I am so excited, I have to go there to get my visa updated for my trip abroad in April!  I will be hanging with my peeps, I am going to be there for a week, it should be a lot of fun, I need a pick me up this time of year. 

That is the mostest on my brain, January flew by without me hardly noticing.  After New Years not much happened, we had two more UW students as guests in the home, I helped some new pals move on Saturday and the adviser move on Sunday (no one has a car here!).  Due to the good Karma bank, scored some fine furniture, barely had room for it all, but now the office has a whole wall of bookcases just waiting to be filled.  A huge chest of drawers and a smaller one to match, it is the same exact color of the other things around the house in wood, plus now I have a place to put all those clean clothes that were piling up on the bedroom floor!! 

My poor brother and dad survived an insane ice storm and haven't had power for a while now.

Otherwise A (the gal who trained me for this job) had her baby and all went well (he is freaking adorable, and has her expressions)!  Went to a wild Russian birthday party for some twin guys my age (one of them is who I helped move last Saturday), and everyone just wanted to know when I was gonna settle life down enough to have a baby. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gasp cough wheeze*



We have a couple guests coming over for X-Mas dinner.  I am making Cornish hens, mashed potatoes and gravy, cinder with pineapples, cherries, and oranges, pecan pie and pumpkin pie... I think that it is. One of our guests is bringing an eggplant dish, cheese snacks, a Russian winter salad, Russian tuna salad, and Russian crab salad, oh and some wine and a cake. Yum! 


On Saturday we will all be going to the adviser’s house and I will be cooking Cornish hens, mashed potatoes and gravy, my mom’s TO DIE FOR stuffing, cranberry sauce, grilled carrot slivers, snap peas and cocktail onions, rolls, pecan and pumpkin pie, and I think that is everything. ;-) I am not sure if I am missing something, I don’t have my list in front of me, but it will be fun. I will try and eat responsibly but it is hard to think about that.


I need to focus my life, grad school will hopefully be starting soon and I need to get my study habits in order, I need to focus on working out, I need to practice my Russian, only a few months to our trip. I need to make a trip to Seattle sometime in the next couple months to get my Russian visa... yeah I am very twitchy. Sigh. I wish I weren’t alone here, I need someone NOT forgetful to do stuff with. Stupid Texas... so far away. :-(


I actually am ok, with limited wind, to -20C/-5F. Really ok, anything below that and it hurts to breathe, seriously, but down to that, I am ok.

Tuesday it was snowing like crazy in the evening. I had gone over to L&Z's house to see little K and just have tea and eat snacks with them. L is re-reading the Harry Potter books, I guess she only read the first two and wants to borrow the whole sequence. Anyway on my way home, the snow was landing on the windshield and it was just amazing. The big fluffy flakes would break into tiny, perfect, (5mm wide) snowflakes. These were master pieces. I mean usually the snowflakes I have seen before are kinda just crystal messes. I remember twice growing up seeing really pretty snowflakes, but ALL of the snow falling on Tuesday was amazing.

On my walk in to the house I caught a ton of them on my gloves. They were just more beautiful and complex than I can tell you. Just remarkable. I know if you ask me in a few months how I like the winter, my answer may be drastically different than what I am about to say, but after getting proper winter wear and these cute little things... I actually am enjoying the winter so far.

Yes, as I said... the insanity is settling in. Do you think I just froze my brain maybe?


My face froze on Saturday... I lost all feeling on one side and couldn't move my eyebrow, no joke. 
On a "plus" note... I never thought I would say this, but after the weekend low of -35C/-31F, I have to admit: -12C/10F... not that bad.  Not...that...bad...almost balmy.  Yep. Insanity has set in.

Don't forget your keys!

Today I went home from work, and it is freaking cold here, and I forgot my snow boots, but I was too lazy to turn back from the bus stop when I realized my toes were freezing off.  I ride my bus all the way home and as I stand outside the door... I realize I left my keys on my desk in my office.  My cell phone was with them also.  Ok it doesn't help that this was the day the DRCB was in Kansas and couldn't let me in.  Alright, I thought, what are my options, it is cold, dark, I can drive back to work and get my keys, IF I had THOSE keys, which are on the same key ring as house keys.  Well crap.  So I have to wait for another bus, ride it all the way back to work, change my frozen feet into proper boots, get my keys and ride all the way home again. *bitch moan*


So we have a couple of students from UW staying with us.  It is nice to have company, but it was hilarious that in the cold office, the kitten wanted to snuggle (of course you big, ugly, stupid mobile heaters with properly sized shelves for sleeping on) and forgot we have guests in his nap.   When J came from the living room suddenly the kitten nearly had a coronary complication.

I had my visiting prof today who is thinking of coming to work with us, and the one who has woman issues came and stole him TWICE during my meeting with him and said MY meeting wasn't important.  I hope he realized another time and place I would have straightened him out agressively.  Sorry... yes he irritated me that much today.  

Well the visiting doc seems really nice and we worked a lot out before hand and I will see him a lot over the next couple days.  I am excited!    It will be work, but it is really fun. 

I put a really pretty wreath I made on the door and some big bells.  I plan to put up the x-mas tree soon and then invite LS over (well already have) to help decorate it, she is so nice and I am happy to have some company during it.  The DRCB is heading out to a conference on Friday with the UW students so ... no fun to decorate alone, right?

I wish I was a kid again sometimes. *sigh*  I miss how my family used to be then... well sometimes I wonder if I remember it differently than it was actually, under the surface.  Well...  It is snowing for days... frozen totally now.  So pretty.  Just two more days to snow tires.

Freaking cold!

It’s been overcast for a week, I would blame being down on the weather if I had no other reason to be blue.  I have come to discover that you can’t rely on time to change the way you feel, cause time it often loses track of who its got to heal.  My mind is living in the shadow you left behind, everything is disjointed.  Then something delightful brings me back to the here and now like 8.  It is freaky, you’d have had to have been there.  Who would have thought?  I love my crazy sis [info]spacebee so much, she always makes me laugh again.    ;-) 

Today was a long day at work.  I got so much crap done, it is amazing.  I submitted my first grant proposal!!!  I am so happy!  Woot, I am so excited, we will not know if it gets approved until February and it was only for $25,000, but I am still happy. 

I have to get snow tires and extra-cold resistant fluids for the car this coming week, and human gear for ourselves soon also.  My work shoes are NOT cut out for snow and slush.  So it is coats, proper windproof gloves, and boots for Christmas this year!

Oh and my next big project is to post a whole new stash of photos from the last while that I have just been allowing to sit there not being looked at.

Cheers, everyone!

I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

...after a one year hiatus!

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